#Week 2 – Videogame storyboard

  • Title: Farmer restaurant
  • Platform: Mobile Phone
  • Game controls: On Screen, Tap, swipe
  • Target audience: 8 years old children
  • Main objective of the game: Journal experience, exploration, complete missions
  • Position of the scene within the game: The games display a clear flow and instructions as the farm manager will tell you the instruction and teach how to complete each mission. Audiences can complete the missions in the farm step by step and finally go to next mission.


Additional reflection:

  • How successful were you in conveying the scene through imagery?

I developed a simple game. My scene displays a series of images which includes background environment, characters, arrows, and text. Therefore, it is clear and easy to understand.

  • How successful were you in combining the action of the scene with the actions of the player?

The players will follow the instructions and arrows of the scene to learn how to complete the mission. Once the player completes the mission, the scene will automatically zoom out or zoom in and transfer to the next scene.




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